InstalL Quartus WEB Edition

Quartus is the last version that supports Cyclone II FPGA chips on DE2 boards used in laboratories - it is not possible to utilize any newer version of Quartus.

Required files

 newOctober 7th, 2017 - Updating Cygwin for Quartus II 13 - only Windows 8.1 a higher

There is a compatibility issue that causes old versions of Cygwin to fail to run on Windows 8.1 and higher. This affects all of Altera’s tools that use Cygwin, such as Altera Monitor Program and Nios II EDS. To solve this issue, the Cygwin that is installed with Quartus II must be updated as follows.

  • Download the patch
  • Extract the contents of to your Quartus II install directory, overwriting existing files. Both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Cygwin are included in the zip file; extract both of these versions to your Quartus II install folder. The default path to the Quartus II install folder is "C:\altera\13.1\quartus".