•  Apolos_V11_eng.pdf - the prerequisite contains some basic concepts of logic functions. The lectures will suppose that all students are familiar with them.
  •  CreateNewQuartusProject.pdf- instructions how to create and configure the default project in a form suitable for working with DE2 board and importing pin assignments. Its reading is highly recommended.


  • The Low-Carb VHDL Tutorial (Autor Bryan Mealy, 87 pages) - As the name suggests, "Low Carbon" is a very brief description of VHDL, but with lots of examples. Welcome to all who hate reading books.
  • VHDL Handbook - a very brief reference card.
  • VHDL 1993 - reference manual (Mentor Graphics, 502 stran) - VHDL Reference Manual for version used in the subject - definitely not suitable as a textbook or for the initial study, but it can be used as a reference for your deeper study.
  • Internal materials: Students will find additional internal materials on the subject page, accessible after login by FelId service.

Mirror of selected materials on altera web

Quartus II Tutorials

  • Quartus II Introduction Using Schematic Designs PDF
    - introduction to schematic editor, circuit simulations and uploading compiled result to DE2, suitable for initial studies.
  • Introduction to Quartus II Simulation PDF
    - demonstration of internal simulator for VHDL - suitable in the second part of the subject.
  • Signal Tap II Logic Analyzer PDF
    - monitoring circuit behaviour on DE2 board - suitable for advanced users..

Altera Monitor Program Tutorials

  • Altera Monitor Program Tutorial PDF
    monitor program can be used for the last task if you connect to the microprocessor NIOS.

ModelSim Tutorials - pro pokročilejší části kurzu

  • Using ModelSim to Simulate Logic Circuits PDF    Design Files
    - detailed description of functional simulation of VHDL.
  • Introduction to ModelSim's Graphical Waveform Editor PDF
    general description of ModelSim user interface.